Bike Friday Disc Brakes Folding Bike


You are a bicycle adventurist! Your bike is comfortable enough for long days in the saddle and flexible enough to fold up and fly as checked baggage. Custom bike is easily loaded with panniers, bags or a trailer hitched behind.

This specific frame was custom built for a person that was going to go on a tour, but never did. The bike has 146 total miles. This person is 5’4”. (See photos for sizing)

Disc brakes is one of the main custom added features on this bike, along with hinges and braze bolts for racks, fenders, panniers, and water bottle cages!

The amazing drivetrain has a 3 speed Sram Dualdrive internal hub, with a 9 speed cassette, making it a 27 speed.

Check photos for sizing!

*Comes with speedometer, bell, and a mirror.

Get in touch to more details.