Burley, and GiantTag Along Bike

Hi, we have 3 tag along bikes for sale. Please call to confirm availability for each bicycle.

Giant Half Wheeler, 20” wheel, 1 speed – $90

Giant’s Halfwheeler is a great way to introduce your child to the joys of cycling. This lightweight trailer bike sports a low stand-over aluminum frame, 20-inch wheel and adjustable handlebars so your little one is super comfortable. And, the Halfwheeler is easy to pedal and pull. It easily attaches to most bikes via the seatpost without tools, and it folds for portability and storage.

Gary Fisher Freeloader, 20” wheel, 6 speed – $90

Your little cyclist will have no problem keeping up with Gary Fisher’s Freeloader. On it your child can experience the thrill and fun of bicycling while you safely lead the way. This high-quality one-speed trailer bike is made of high-tensile steel for durability and the boom arm folds for easy storage and portability.

Get in touch to more details.
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