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In the push to go ever lighter, it’s not often that a true breakthrough occurs. But with the SL 1.1, Fuji has achieved just that. To save you watts when the road points uphill, Fuji has created the ultimate lightweight road bike, now available in a frameset so you can build your own custom KOM slayer.

The Fuji 1.1 may look outwardly similar to the Grand Tour-winning Altamira, but under the hood everything has been updated, revised, and improved. Fuji’s High Compaction Molding System has been honed and perfected over the years to create the stiffest possible frame with the least amount of material. By ensuring that the carbon sheets are free of wrinkles, and the resin has been evenly applied, the engineers can make the bike stiffer and lighter, with less variation in the carbon. The C15 high modulous carbon carbon construction is about as stiff as you would ever want a bike to be, and, when coupled with a PF30 bottom bracket and tapered headtube, will transfer just about every watt in your pedal stroke into forward motion. In the rear, Fuji kept the pencil thin seatstays we all loved on the Altamira, adding some compliance to the frame for a smoother ride, but switched from a 31.6mm seatpost to a 27.2mm, adding in a little more forgiveness for bad roads and shedding some weight. Oh, and you wanted to know about tire clearance? The 1.1 now clears a 28mm tire (depending on the brand), so you can throw on some cushier rubber for the ultimate in smooth sailing comfort.


  • Frame Bottom Bracket: PF30 BB
  • Frame Fork: FC-330 carbon monocoque
  • Frame Fork Travel: N/A
  • Frame Front Derailleur: Braze on
  • Frame Headset Size: 1-1/8″ – 1-1/2″
  • Frame Material: C15 HC ultra high-modulus carbon
  • Frame Replaceable Dropout: Yes
  • Frame Seatpost: 27.2mm
  • Frame Weight: .32 lbs. / 1.06 kg.

Available in 49cm-61cm with free shipping to the store upon full payment

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