We Give Bikes New Life…..

We Buy, Sell and Repair Used Bikes, Get Cash at NwProGear located in Portland  Oregon


We are in Portland OR on Woodstock Blvd across New Copper Peny restaurant

In this day and age recycling makes more sense then ever;

It saves money, and helps the environment by reducing waste. My bicycles are 99% recycled and 1% new parts with the exception of my new bicycles. Each recycled bike is thoroughly inspected and tuned up. Parts are recycled and reused with the only new parts being cables, housing, grips and inner tubes. Now you can own a great bike with great parts for a fraction of the price of a new one, plus you’ll be saving a bike from the graveyard.

Check out our used bikes and save some money with a recycled bicycle.

Nw Pro Gear an authorized dealer for Fuji Bikes, SE Bikes, Kestrel Bikes and Breeze Bikes.

We also sell used bike from brands like; Trek, Specialized, Nishiki, Cannondale, Fuji, Motobecan, Raleigh, Jamis , Giant, Gary Fisher, GT, Look and more.



Family Owned

NwProGear is a family owned business and we appreciate your support!

We Give Back

We give 10% of all our net sales to nonprofits!

Keep Oregon Green

At NwProGear are dedicated to do our part and help the environment. We try to minimize our impact, quality used parts are recycled and reused during the restoration of our used bike.


NwProGear is 100% local, we’re based in Portland Oregon